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                                                 D.B.A  BH Branded Products & Services 




Bountiful Harvest was founded IN 2004 by current CEO, Oscar Keye Johnson; it was her vision to see education mixed with workforce development aimed at those from disadvantaged backgrounds, those who didn’t have immediate access to job opportunities due to skill-set challenges.


The people we help are those who would normally be overlooked for jobs as they have limited experience and skills which has caused them to face many struggles in their lives. It’s our goal to help them increase their work experience while learning new and innovative skills.


BHI implemented the following reoccurring events having been successful in their own right through fundraising and donations…

  • Family Night
  • Student Recognition Luncheon
  • Harvest Festival
  •                                                SEE AVAILABLE PHOTOS BELOW


In 2013, Bountiful Harvest acquired a DBA, and named it “5 Star Mobile Detailing services” for the purpose of implementation of the “Effective Leadership component under our Workforce Development program and to create real time jobs for participants.

In 2016 the following changes were made: DBA name officially changed to “BH Branded Products & Services” Methodology changed to pursue our future endeavor.


We are unwavering in our efforts to purchase Land in an effort to capitalize on an opportunity with a major Oil & Gas company.