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                                                               BOUNTIFUL HARVEST NEED YOUR HELP

    To raising capital for implementation of the program components designed for Building &            Sharpening Skills to improve family relationships.

                                       Check out the following ways that you can assist                               



                                   1.  USE The “Dear Friend” Solicitation Letter

If you connected to our struggles outlined on our History Page, and on our "Great NonProfits" listing, then this is your opportunity to help us make the impact that we are so passionate about creating in our community. Great Nonprofits, a review site, is honoring highly reviewed nonprofits with their 2018 Top-Rated Awards.Can we count on you to “Tell the World” and help us raise visibility for our proposed work by posting a review of our struggle before the October 31st Deadline?  Reviews are  visible to POTENTIAL DONORS  It’s easy and only takes about 3 minutes.

Go to to get started.

                                           2.  USE The "Amazon Smile Link

By using the link below when making  all your Amazon purchases.  This link will take you directly to in support of Bountiful Harvest, Inc. so you won’t have to search for our charity among almost a million other organizations.






                                              3.  USE the "Pay Pal Donation button

                                                                listed below 



                                Stay tuned for more changes in the near future