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The FEDERAL SUPPLY Schedule SERVICE of the VA National Acquisition Center (NAC) supports the healthcare procurement requirements of the VA and OGAs (Other Government Agencies). Under delegated authority by GSA, the VA manages and awards over 2,000 contracts for medical equipment, supply, pharmaceutical, Service, Federal Supply Schedule, and National Contract Programs, which include OTC & Vitamin Supplements achieving over $16 Billion yearly, of which $11 Billion are attributed to VA Schedule programs.

If you are contemplating entering this Market Place, have you considered the following?????

“How To” Maneuver all the Red Tape involved for completing forms to place your products on the appropriate Federal Supply Schedules for procurement?

“How To” Price your products competitively on the Pricing spreadsheet.

“How To” Market an awarded contract so your company can earn your share of the Federal Dollars stated above?

“How To” stay in compliance with contract requirements according to FAR (Federal Acquisitions Regulations) which includes required Quarterly, Yearly reports, Reports for changes as they occur within your organization.

Ready to pursue offering your products to the Federal government to become a Federal Government FSS (Federal Supply Schedule) Contractor? Contact Bountiful Harvest, Inc. at to obtain a Condensed version of my resume which spans 50+ years of Federal Government knowledge and experience.

My skills are being marketed on BH Website page "FedBiz Contracts Coaching" to raise needed capital for Bountiful Harvest, Inc., a 501 © 3 organization founded in 2005 for Implementation of “BH Hands Up” Empowerment program uniquely designed for supplying Jobs and Skills with Life Coaching classes for strengthening family’s Economic Stability.

Note: My services to Bountiful Harvest Inc. are earmarked for Implementation of the “Hands Up” Empowerment Program.

Mailing Address: P. O. Box 1307...Missouri City, TX…77459


Tel: 281 435 4168 - Website:    

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